Intrigued to know what is on offer and how you can apply?

Music for Hope is a Swiss Charitable Foundation that supports musical education to the underprivileged in various countries around the World. The Charity has offered to fund tuition bursaries in Bristol, UK for up to 10 classical piano students willing to commit to 30 lessons spanning the year 2014 to 2015. This bursary scheme is only linked to personalised tuition by the creator behind this initiative: Bristol-based concert pianist Natalie Haupt, who will thus offer the chosen students holistic classical piano tuition of the highest standard, with conscious attention to technique, posture, musical expression and confidence.

It is important to understand that the bursary scheme is designed to be inclusive, so any applicant’s musical level or age are irrelevant; what will really count is your passion and dedication to the pursuit of pianistic excellence. Music For Hope’s award will financially enable people from a broad social spectrum to apply.

All that the bursary-awarded students have to do in return, is to attend all 30 lessons and write to Music For Hope to give feedback on their progress in classical piano, over the year’s tuition period…

So… does the sound of a piano quicken you?

Make your toes wriggle?

Would learning from a professional concert pianist for one year (and possibly longer) feel like a dream come true?

Does classical piano playing course through your veins, but you find you are hard-pushed to afford regular lessons?

If this sounds like you, or if you can see yourself in any of the personas – 11 year old Yasmina teenager Kayode young adult Aléxia or mature student Malcolm – all you need to do now, is to write and submit an application, as soon as you can, for an opportunity to embark on this unique learning experience!

This is a rare and joyful opportunity, not to be missed – so apply today!

The application process will begin February 10th 2014, the Music for Hope launch day.

Bursary application process.

1. To be considered for a bursary, please complete the Music For Hope bursary application form as soon as possible, but at the very latest by the application deadline 6pm on Thursday 20th February 2014.

2. After considering all written applications on their individual merits, up to 10 candidates, who meet Music For Hope’s selection criteria, will be invited by Natalie Haupt for an informal interview in Bristol, to discuss their application. Those who are unsuccessful this year, will also be contacted.

3. On 26th February 2014, Natalie will submit a shortlist of up to 10 applicants with her supporting evaluation to their original application for final consideration by Music For Hope in Switzerland. At this stage in the process, Natalie will only propose those applicants that she believes have the passion, dedication and potential necessary to meet the Charity’s selection criteria.

4. In early March 2014, after Music for Hope have given due consideration to the applicants Natalie has proposed, the Charity will then award up to ten bursaries. The beneficiaries of the individual awards will then be notified and contacted by Natalie and the lesson schedules arranged with her students.

The award on offer by Music for Hope is very generous – up to a maximum of 82% of the total costs for bespoke piano tuition with Natalie Haupt, for a whole year – that’s 30 x 1hr lessons  – potentially reducing each student’s weekly tuition contribution to as little as £8 per hour.

Please note: All applications submitted by the deadline will be considered on their merits and Natalie’s final decision on who to meet and propose going forward is at her discretion and is final.

After making your application, please be patient and await an individual response. All applicants will be informed by email or phone – either way of her final decision. Feedback will only be offered if intially requested on the application form. No applications submitted after the deadline of 6pm on Thursday 20th February 2014 will be considered, without exception.